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I'm going to start uploading work here a bit more frequently.  Sometimes I forget that people might like to see the work I do at my full-time job, and it feels like I'm dropping off the world's radar.  So here are some photographs I made today for use on product packaging.  Since there isn't much direction regarding the shots I do here, I decided to try out a lighting setup I saw once in a tutorial, probably a year ago, and never tried.  I really like it.  It looks really commercial to me, but not in a stock photo kind of way.  See for yourself:

What I've learned from the full-time jobs I've had is that you have to use whatever situation you're in to learn new things and improve your craft.  These may not be the most stunning photos in my portfolio, but they do represent an increase in my knowledge, and my lighting repertoire.  And as far as I'm concerned, if I'm growing, then I'm succeeding.  


Editorial Lifestyle Shoot - Heidi Swapp

Last week I did a lifestyle photo shoot with Heidi Swapp - A popular designer of scrapbooking materials, trainer and scrapbooker - and her family for use in marketing materials.  I went to her home with the goal of getting three images: a portrait, a lifestyle shot with her kids, and a photo of her in her workspace.  It was such a nice set, we ended up shooting several more than she needed, but she and her team were really pleased with the images.  The style for the scrapbooking industry is very natural, very light and bright, and cute, so that is reflected in the look of these images, which contrasts the style of much of my personal work.  But this is something I've been teaching myself to do, and I really feel like it's working.  I want to get really comfortable shooting bright images also because it's one of the primary looks that companies want for their branding.  Here are a few of the shots:

This one was my favorite from the set.  


This is one of the things I like most about my job.  I do a lot of product work, but on occasion I get to break out my editorial brain and really make some images I'm proud of like these.  



Hey, We Got Featured In FStoppers.


Today an article was published by FStoppers called "25 Popular Photographers And Where They Started - The Ultimate Inspiration."  I don't write blog posts every time FStoppers writes and article, but this time, my work is featured in it!  The article shows work from a group of photographers in the beginning of their photo work, and another image of their current work, to show that everyone starts somewhere and that place isn't always very impressive.  Mine is one of the most extreme changes:

Which one is the before?  Which one is the after?  No one can be sure...


It's fun to see all the work, and even more fun to be included in the story.  It was a good reminder for me.  I started working out recently, and that's a really slow process with very little to show for yourself at the end of each workout.  But over time, after years of consistently putting in the effort, you do get the results you're looking for, and photography is the same way.  I'm growing a small garden outside my house, and every day it's a little microcosm of the same principle.  Sometimes it's like 104 degrees outside and I don't want to be out there.  So I don't want to water it.  I have to get out the hose, I have to unlock the garage door, I have to put down all the junk I'm bringing in from my car...but each day I don't water it, the plants get a little more dry, and they don't grow up like they would with a little drink.  So this article came right at a time when these things were already on my mind, and reminded me how important it is to stick with things even when it doesn't seem like you're progressing fast enough.  Because if you quit, or even skip days, you won't progress at all.


Now go set up a photo shoot!





A Photographer Who Accepts Bitcoin

As of last week, clients who do business with Braxton Bruce Photography have the option of making payments using Bitcoin.  Don't know what Bitcoin is?  Then you probably don't own any, and you don't have to worry about it.  If you'd like to learn about Bitcoin, you can read all about it on Wikipedia HERE.  For those of you who have Bitcoin, the list of companies who accept Bitcoin is growing all the time, and I wanted to be part of that list.  Those of you who have followed my work closely know I have done a few projects related to liberty, and this is another way I feel I can support a free economy.  

Whatever the project may be, I'm excited to be able to do business with multiple currency options available, and I'm interested to see where Bitcoin might take us one day.


Jumping In Puddles

Some things don't need teaching.  Put me in a puddle.  I know what to do.

I can only jump one inch high.  But if I really concentrate, I know I can make it two.

I'll jump in the puddles I want to jump in, and I'm jump when I want to jump.  

At least this time my pants are wet because I was doing my best.

And I love doing it.

Thanks for playing with me.


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