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Out From Under My Winter Rock

So it was 70 degrees yesterday. Winter was so long I almost forgot it could be that warm outside. I think I've noticed a pattern where every year there are warm months followed by cold ones. Now that I've caught on, I think it's time to set my expectations accordingly. Every year I go bananas about mid-March with photography and I shoot like crazy through about October. Then in November I sit down and I don't get up again until sometime in Mid-March. It's cold outside. Why would anyone go out there?

Typically, while sitting down for 4 months, I feel bad about myself because I'm so lazy and I'm wasting all this precious time, letting my business fall into obscurity. But I think there's a better way. I think next time what I'll do is just be okay with having a slower production schedule during those months, and focus solely on studio work during that time. That way I will still be having my photo fun, maintaining my marketing, all while still taking it a little easy in a nice warm room.

Anyway, today, March 4th (the 229th anniversary of when the first continental congress convened) marks the beginning of mid-March. I'm motivated, I have ideas, and the weather is starting to look up. So I've started making some photos. Here's one I shot this week with my cousin Tyson Rollins, a photographer friend of mine.

I'm doing some test shots to get good at this night-shooting thing. This was all captured in one frame. Tyson is lit by his cell phone, the car interior is obviously lit by its interior lights, and the exterior was lit by my cell phone. This isn't the best image I've ever shot, but it was a terrific technical challenge that was fun to work out. Also, we had to pack up and escape immediately because there were some drug-fiends weilding glow-sticks howling in the distance, and they were headed our way. We're going to go again soon, and I'm going to add another level of difficulty to see what we can pull off.

I was going to save my studio shots for another post so I could spread things out and get more clicks, but what the hay. Since we're talking about getting into the studio to experiment with light, here are a few shots I did recently to shake off the cobwebs:

Thanks for following my work! I'm going to try to get better at this whole photography thing this year. And the next year. And the next year. At least 8 months out of each year, and maybe all 12. But we'll see.

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