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Commercial Photography: Which Industries Need It?

Commercial photography has a broad scope, but it mainly involves producing top-notch images of products and businesses. Businesses use the photographs for promotional purposes in marketing and sales.

commercial photography industries

Moreover, online sales and digital promotions are a huge part of today’s marketplace. Professional photographs are no longer exclusive to brochures and magazines; they’re more accessible now with the advent of platforms such as social media.

As such, commercial photography has become an essential part of many industries, including the ones I discuss below.

Top Industries that Need Commercial Photography

The following are the top industries that need commercial photography services. If you run a business in one of these industries, you need to hire the best commercial photographers to get ahead in this visually oriented world.


In the world of e-commerce, product photography is a must. Having high-quality product photography is crucial for any successful business in this space.

Strong Brand Presence

For one, quality commercial photographs help them build a strong brand presence.

As an e-commerce business, your main point of contact with your customers is through online stores. In physical stores, customers have the luxury of seeing, touching, and examining a product before buying it.

That’s not the case in the e-commerce industry. You need to make a good first impression of your product and set the right expectations through photographs and videos. A good commercial photographer can help you do this.

Build Trust and Confidence

High-quality commercial photography services also help you build trust and confidence in your product. Investing in such a service means you care about the presentation of your products — it means you take your business seriously.

Real Estate

commercial photography real estate

In the real estate industry, first impressions are everything. Most of the time, people search online for properties they want to buy. Stunning real estate images — whether residential or commercial — make a significant difference in attracting potential buyers or tenants.

Faster Sales

Good photos and videos give potential buyers a better sense of the real estate property. The more impressed they are with the images they see, the more likely they’ll want to check it out further.

Great Brand Visibility

Professional real estate photos are also useful for elevating your brand. With a professional commercial photographer, you’ll receive images that are useful for marketing — whether that’s on a listing directory, your website, social media channels, or other platforms.

Access to Useful Tools

These days, drones, 3D tours, and other more advanced technologies are commonplace in real estate promotions.

Hiring a professional commercial photography agency gives you access to such technologies and other photography equipment. This way, you can showcase the property better and tell its story in a much more effective manner.

Additionally, you have better things to do, such as hosting clients and closing deals with them — use a professional photographer to take any photography-related matters off your plate.

Food and Beverages

commercial photography food and beverage

You need a professional food photographer if you’re in the food manufacturing, retail, or restaurant space. It’s a no-brainer: more people will want to try your food or visit your restaurant if your food photographs look delectable.

Increase Your Sales

According to data, menus with mouthwatering photographs convert 25% more clients than ones with text only.

By hiring professional food photographers, you improve your chances of attracting customers’ attention.

Remember: eyes eat before the mouth — the more professional your food photographs are, the more likely your customers want to eat your food.

Rank High On Search Engines

Having a good SEO ranking can help your restaurant attract more customers and be more popular. And search engines love high-quality photographs.

Optimize the images to get more visibility while adding relevant keywords and alt-texts to each of them. Doing this will make your food more discoverable in search engines.


The tech industry often deals with modern and sophisticated products that require careful presentation. A good commercial photographer can help you do that — and more.

Better Product Understanding

If you’re selling a new, top-of-the-line gadget, you want your audience to fully understand what it can do and how it helps them. Professional product photography makes this easy through strategic photographs that highlight the product’s features.

Tell A Story

As a tech business, your products and services often aim to improve your customers’ quality of life. With commercial photography, you can tell the story behind your products and services. This helps you evoke emotions and create connections with your audience.


commercial photography hospitality

If you’re in the hospitality business, professional photographs of your rooms, properties, and amenities help showcase your best features. This gives customers a good idea of what they can expect, leading to business confidence and greater bookings.

Showcase Your Unique Offers

Customers want to know why they should choose you over the next hotel on the block. Professional photographers know how to highlight your best features and differentiate you from your competitors.

They also help convey the atmosphere and ambiance of your properties, making it easier for customers to imagine themselves using your services.

Become More Discoverable

Commercial photography and video production help hospitality businesses get discovered more often. Breathtaking videos and photos are great for marketing and reaching a wider audience.

Moreover, photos and videos are more memorable than plain text. When customers search for accommodations, stunning images, and videos give you an edge over businesses that don’t have them.


commercial photography fashion photography

Commercial photography is an essential part of the fashion industry. It’s a crucial part of any campaign by a fashion brand. It aims to highlight the fashion products’ features, giving viewers insights into the essence and mood of the business.

Help Designers Stand Out

Designers and fashion brands use professional photographs to showcase their designs and clothing lines. A good commercial photographer helps support this by capturing photos that accurately represent the designers’ brand and values.

Promote Fashion Shows and Events

Fashion shows are the lifeblood of fashion designers and businesses. It’s a chance for them to capture people’s attention and create buzz for their clothing lines. Fashion photographers are essential for creating promotional materials that hype up such events.

Consistent Aesthetics

Designers and fashion companies differentiate themselves by creating a unique look. Professional photography services help them develop a consistent look for their brand. Customers recognize such aesthetics, helping them communicate the essence of their brand.

Travel and Tourism

commercial photography travel and tourism

In the travel and tourism industry, businesses entice customers with the most breathtaking images and videos of their top destinations. This is difficult without commercial photography. High-quality images should be integrated into all the marketing communication tools of any travel and tourism business.

Showcase Top Destinations

Not everyone has the time to read lengthy articles about a hidden paradise. Most of them often browse pictures and decide whether they want to go or not.

Professional travel photographs are perfect for this — first impression lasts, and great photographs encourage customers to book that flight or plan that vacation.

Use Advance Tech

These days, travel companies also employ more advanced methods of photography or videography. For instance, you can use drone technology to capture more breathtaking pictures and videos of the destination you’re promoting.

A professional travel photographer will help you find ways to take advantage of such technologies.


commercial photography automotive photography

In the automotive industry, cars are the stars of the show. An automotive photographer knows this and can highlight the best features of the vehicle, making people want to own the ride.

Extensive Promotion

Every time a manufacturer releases a car model, they promote it through gorgeous pictures designed to make customers drive one right away. Professional automotive photography is a must for any such advertising efforts.

Visual Expertise

Even if the car looks fantastic, this doesn’t guarantee good photographs. A professional automotive photographer has the expertise to make the car look desirable. It’s up to them to create a winning photo for a successful campaign.

In other words, they make an inanimate object come alive through images. They can also incorporate movement to show off the vehicle’s speed and performance.

Tracking shots, panning shots, and action shots are necessary to portray the vehicle’s most important features.


Using commercial photography in your business is a must if you’re operating in industries that require high visibility to customers. Professional photographs attract audiences better than written words, and they can be used in a wide variety of ways. Overall, your business can enjoy plenty of benefits from professional commercial photography.


What are the types of commercial photography?

Commercial photography has many sub-categories. It’s a highly diverse field, and you likely belong in one or two of its industries. The most common types of commercial photography include:

  • Fashion photography

  • Product photography

  • Food photography

  • Architecture photography

  • Lifestyle photography

  • Headshots photography

How can I grow my business with commercial photography?

Commercial photography can grow your business by giving you a consistent brand look and better advertising opportunities. Customers pay attention to brands that show they care about the presentation of their products.

Can I use stock photos instead of hiring a commercial photographer?

Using stock photos is convenient and cost-effective. However, you're missing out on the opportunity to promote your brand uniquely and authentically. Commercial photography lets you tailor visuals that suit your brand and stand out from competitors.

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