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Will You Teach Me Photography?

Of course I will.

Occasionally I get this question, "Hey you don't ever do any type of photography classes, do you? Just curious. I'm looking to learn more about photography just in my spare time!" In my experience, whether it's photography or anything else, getting good at something is about 90% practice and about 10% looking to others who have figured a few things out and getting some guidance from them. While it's only a small percentage, it is nevertheless part of the process, and the few times I've done some teaching at the local college, or high school, etc., I've really enjoyed it. I know how daunting it can be (and still is) trying to figure it all out and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping other people.

Mixing strobe lighting with available light

I've taught some workshops in the past where I had everyone bring about just enough money where I was reimbursed for providing pizza, and it was a good experience, but I've had some reservations about the workshop format in the past. The fact that I'm setting this up has some implications. It means that I think I have something to teach, and it means the people who pay and come think they can learn something from me. That's okay, but I very much want to avoid a scenario where I'm positioning myself as a guru who has discovered the secret to making money with photography and will impart that secret in exchange for all your money. I'm not a guru. I'm a good photographer who makes his living from art and is working hard to figure out how to make better work for more and bigger clients. I don't make $400,000/year. I don't fly all over the world shooting exotic things. Yet. That being said, there are a number of people who have seen something they admire in my work and have asked for lessons, and I have a genuine desire to help other people who are also interested in improving their craft.

Images that win awards and get your clients' attention

So, instead of trying to figure out how to help each person who contacts me about this individually throughout the year, I'm inviting each of them and you to join me as a group for a course that I will teach once per year. It will take place over several consecutive Saturdays.

Here's what we'll do:

  • We will talk gear briefly (because I know you want to talk gear)

  • I'll take your questions to understand your needs

  • We will shoot in a studio together

  • We will shoot on location together with natural light and strobes

  • I'll teach you my post-production process

  • I'll share my philosophy about art, retouching and business

Afterward, I will be available to critique your work and offer one-on-one consulting paid separately.

Looking for specific details about time and place and cost? Well that I'm in the process of planning. This is my intention: to provide a course that will empower you to take your work to the next level. What I need from you is an email. Tell me this is something you want to do. Ask me any questions you have. I'll be planning this for 2-3 months from now so everyone can plan ahead and set aside the time. When I have a date and place and time, I will make it available for participants to reserve their place in advance.

I don't really do things halfway, so if you're serious about having a mentor and you believe I'm the guy, I will put together an experience as serious as your intention. You can use the contact box on my website or message me on Facebook.

Do it!

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