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Acro-Yoga Photo Shoot

Last week I finished up the images from my acro-yoga shoot. I already published in my previous post photos from the shoot, so here I'll just post those that I have not yet posted. I knew driving home from the shoot that I wanted to do at least one image fully integrated into a scene. I waited for good weather, and took my kids to the beach here in Orem, Utah.

My kid on the beach

We weren't there long, but I got the shots I wanted and we had a good time. We had to leave pretty quickly because Neal (pictured) walked into the water while I was shooting the landscape and got wet up to his knees.

If you're ever in the area, Utah Lake is terrific for photography. It's like shooting the ocean with mountains all around it. You can see this scenery in several of the images on my site.

So here's the finished product followed by a couple of studio shots. My focus as a photographer is on quality rather than on quantity as it's more important to me to get one really finished image instead of a lot of mediocre ones.

Acro-Yoga on the Beach

Physique Photograph with steep light falloff

Woman carrying a man

After seeing the finished product of the shoot, I'm motivated to go and make more, and shoot to learn. I plan to take my family to some great locations this year and shoot the landscapes to make more art.

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