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When I was a kid, I went to the bookstore with a friend. I was wearing a fedora and some tiny sunglasses with my big sweater and baggy cargo pants. I was in high school and was asserting my individuality. Well unexpectedly, some middle-aged dude approached me in the bookstore (potentially very shady) and basically said he was a photographer and thought my look would make a good photo set, and told me that if I needed senior photos or anything to give him a call. I never did, because modeling and being tied up in a man's basement weren't on my list of goals. And while I don't want to know who is interested in the basement thing, there certainly are kids who are interested in modeling.

This week, I was contacted by the mother (who I know personally) of such a young man asking me to shoot a set of headshots and full-body images they could use to send to a modeling agency in hopes of being signed there. So I fired up the studio lights and turned on some 80's rap music and we made some photos.

Model photo with skateboard

full-length model photo


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