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You may not know that since 2012 I have been continuously employed full-time as a photographer and videographer for 2 companies respectively. You may not know also that I quit my job in March to pursue photography on a freelance basis full-time. It has been an exciting and challenging month while I try to re-grow my client base as a freelancer, and I want to share some of the first-fruits of my independent work.

Product Photography

From my time employed working 9-5, I learned that the work done in that arrangement tends to be routine, low-level work. Companies who need very high-quality images every three months don't benefit from hiring a full-time photographer. They're much better off paying more to hire a freelancer when they need images instead. The companies who benefit greatly from having a photographer in-house 40 hours per week are those who have a steady flow of technical photography work, usually of products to display in an online store or catalog. In this environment, efficiency and cost control are a higher priority than image quality.

Product Box

In college, and after, I spent all my free time for years trying to figure out how to make images I was impressed with. I loved learning the techniques the pros used and figuring out how to make images that are clean and idealized. You can read about that process in my book. While my full-time jobs did give me opportunities, business insights and technical experience, I also longed to make images I'm proud of again.

Product Photo on Black

I found a client in Rapid Reboot who saw my work, liked my vision and value quality images. I shot these photos for them and I'm proud of the work I did. It's the best I know how to do. Something I haven't been asked to do in a long time. After delivering the photos, their feedback has been excitement and praise for the result, and they've expressed the desire to work with me again next time they need images.

This is what I was looking for when I quit my job. Work that required ALL of my ability. Clients who appreciate my work and understand its value. The time to work on it until it is something I'm impressed with. I'm finishing some other projects and more work for Rapid Reboot, planning some personal work with photo friends, and looking forward to next month and to the new clients I'll connect with next.

Product Group Photo

Thanks, Rapid Reboot, for having a great product, and being excellent people to work with.

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