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Fashion Photo Shoot - Wilmara

I'm currently teaching photography at Utah Valley University. I've been sending my class out on assignments each week, and I thought I'd maybe lead by example and do my own assignments. I haven't focused on fashion work lately, but this was a great exercise for getting me thinking the way I was taught to do back in college. Instead of just focusing on good light and flattering the model's look, I also focused on shapes and design lines in my compositions and boy did it make a difference. These images are more dynamic, with more movement and visual interest than what I typically get shooting natural light. When I do higher-production work, with strobes and assistants and all, I have time to work out the best image I can imagine. Often my entire shoot is designed to create a single image. Often on catalog or look book shoots, however, I'm required to shoot 30 different sets in one day, leaving little time for setting up complicated lighting or working through an image over a long period of time. This was excellent practice shooting naturally and finding interest in compositions quickly using what I'm teaching my students!

High Contrast Fashion Photo on Striped Wall

Wilmara was my model, and she had three outfits. This outfit was edgy and colorless, so we found a metallic wall with good bounced like to work with, and they really go together.

Fashion Profile Photo Walking

Fashion Walking Photo Angle

More Angles With Model

Close up fashion photo

Model wearing glasses

Model leaning on metal wall

Closer Shot of Model With Glasses

Last week my students shot leading lines. This week we're talking about shape, and the movement it creates. I tried to incorporate both line and shape, by looking for ways to include strong angles in my compositions.

Street Fashion Photo in Stairwell

Street Fashion Sitting on Railing

Street Fashion leaning on Railing

Street Fashion high contrast

Street Fashion Sitting on Stairs

Triangles aren't the only shape! I also wanted to illustrate the static feeling of horizontal and vertical lines, which feel more calm and are more relaxing to look at.

Street Fashion smiling

Street Fashion model in jeans

Street Fashion model sitting high

Model leaning on pipes

Model on concrete wall

And because it's good to include variety, and I'm a faces guy, I included some tighter shots, and some others.

Model direct sunlight

Model portrait on stairs

Model against brick

Model smiling in stairwell

I think this class is going to be as good for me as it is for the students. Now that I have the technical side of things down, it feels great to return to the design fundamentals again.

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