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Having A Great Photo Stylist

I was recently asked by The Home Depot to shoot some of our tables in a way that would work for social media and update the look of some of our old assets. They specifically said, "The styling should have a premium feel." I knew I was going to need a premium stylist to get that done. I talked with my team and we all agreed, so we got Emily Cole to help us out. The assignment was to shoot a backyard barbecue showing the tables in use outdoors.

Also notable here is that we found ourselves in shade a bit earlier than usual, so I had the chance to break out my color gels and make my own sunshine. It helps not only because it's way better to eat outside when it's sunny, but also brings out the color in the food, and gives the bottles and glasses a warm glow. It's solving problems like this that keeps me learning and improving on every shoot.

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